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Plymouth - Lunchtime Meditations

Classes for 2014

Feb 24 - Apr 3

April 22 - May 22 & June 3 -July 17

Tuesdays guided Meditation 12.15pm–12.45pm - £2

Thursdays guided Meditation with  12.15pm–12.45pm - £2

Wednesdays guided Meditation  12.15pm–1pm - £3

Ashoka Buddhist Centre,
33 Sutherland Road, Plymouth, PL4 6BN
No need to book, everyone welcome.

Slow down, enjoy a relaxing guided meditation to help you find an oasis of peace in the midst of your busy day. Be kind to your mind and develop your inner potential. 

These shorter classes last 30 minutes (Tues, Thurs & 45mins Wed) so are ideal for fitting in to your lunchbreak. You can also enjoy a meal at the cafe afterwards. You can order your meal before the meditation and have it ready for when the class is finished.

The sessions are based on the following CDs by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso available at Ashoka Centre shop or

Meditations for a Clear Mind
"finding happiness from a different source"

Derived from the Buddhist Mahayana tradition, these meditations lead you on a voyage of exploration through which you can discover your own inner potential for inner peace and happiness.


Meditations for a Kind Heart kind heart
"the healing power of cherishing others"

These meditations will help us to develop inner peace and to imporve our relationships through learning to cherish others.  A kind heart is a special mental attitude that cherishes other people at least as much as ourselves.


Meditations for Relaxationrelaxation
" guided meditations to relax body and mind"

All these meditations are forms of breathing meditation that help calm the mind, reduce stress and give rise to an experience of inner peace and wellbeing.

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33 Sutherland Rd, Plymouth, Devon PL4 6BN
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Meditation courses in Devon & Cornwall & Plymouth - Lunchtime Meditations.